Conversation: a learned skill, which could win a lost battle! 

Heard the great story of Greek emperor, Alexander the great and the king Porus, king of Paurava? Well, here is how it goes! Alexander the great wanted to rule the world and he was set to do so. Until he reached India! There was one king, Porus, in the northern province of India, Paurava, who did not send his envoy as a sign of submission. Instead he called for war. The king fought like a true brave-heart! But Alexander the greats army outnumbered his army and he was seriously wounded. After his entire army was defeated and slain, the wounded king gave in. He surrendered himself. He was asked by Alexander the great, how he wished to be treated. The answer he gave was only suitable to a brave king. He said he wished to be treated like a king! His graceful defeat acceptance had earned him life. The rest is history. The purpose of stating this story here is to put emphasis on the power of conversation. A good conversation can turn the tables, and create wonders. A bad conversation can take away deal from you however competent your company may be. Effective communication is keyword in today’s business. A communication can make or break any company in the market.


Communication and conversation are very effective tools in the business world; it makes difference right from influencing the prospective client to selling the products in the market. Speech is very influential element in any organization. Accurate, to the point and flawless communication is a key factor in attracting good deals. Betriebsrat members, who are trained themselves, train the company employees to effectively put their best foot forward in the market. Betriebsrat also help in improving the conversational skills, which come very handy in impressing the other end, be it in person or over the phone. Impressive talks can go long way in business. Betriebsrat counselors not only train the management people for bagging good deals, but also train the employees for negotiating their wages, work hours to eliminate conflicts and effectively put forth their point. As a Betriebsrat member they understand the value of words. Each and every word needs to be weighed before it is placed and spoken. Thus a conversation automatically gets its importance. Knowing this fact they emphasis on enhancing the conversational skills.

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