Things to consider while Buying or Selling Car Online
SUV non-studded tires

If you are a seller looking to sell your SUV with SUV non-studded tires and also looking to advertise the same at a bargain price, you can quickly locate the right buyer by placing the advertisement on a relevant platform (endorsable trading sites).  The seller needs to have complete surety about the buyer’s location so that an in-person appointment can be set up.


In order to proceed ahead with the buyer, the seller will try reserving the car by asking for a fixed advance amount called deposit.  The buyer can either pay the amount in-person or can transfer to the account that is owned by the seller. But it is important for a buyer or a seller to understand the background of each other before carrying out any hefty transaction. Cash money permits the money to be withdrawn by an anonymous entity hereby making it risky and dangerous for the consumer unaware about the seller’s identity or vice-versa.


How can a seller cheat a buyer?


These days, fraudsters deploy malicious, dastardly tactics of sending out spurious emails/text messages in a bid to convince the buyer to send out funds through intermediary, concocted platforms and eventually tricking him into counterfeit deals.  These messages are so neatly and professionally written that anybody can get deceived easily and fall into the trap. The worst part is that these imposters never participate in any in-person meetings but directs a consumer to the website of a fake escrow or transport company.  The chain of fake emails and follow-ups start when the tricksters begin to feel that they are getting over the buyer slowly and gradually.  When the intent starts budding, these sellers will flaunt the audacity of sending stolen identity cards or family photos. And when the money gets transferred, these chicaneries vanish in thin air.


Owning to strict government measures, the intermediary websites specializing in cars have issued stringent warnings on their sites to prevent such frauds.  A several countries have introduced measures that dish out punitive ramifications to the perpetrators.


Consumers should be well aware that the websites can never contact them and thus become an intervener in any transaction. If for some reason, these sites offer recommendations on specific payment methods or any other dubious ways to initiate conversations with a customer, make discretion a better part of valor and turn your back.


How can a buyer cheat a seller?


A consumer should realize that a lot of people exist who are willing to make money in dishonest ways.  It is impossible to alter their idiosyncrasies because a leopard will not be able to change its spots.  From an honest seller standpoint looking to sell his car with proper engine and reliable non-studded tires, he should expect that a buyer is not signing a cheque that is likely to get bounced or is stolen one. It is very important on his part to do a full credit check before the buyer instigates a devious ploy to confiscate gains through ill-gotten means. It is an alarming signal to the seller if he sees the amount received more than the price of the car by several thousand Euros. A fake buyer’s demeanor would be to pay the additional amount for a service facilitating the transaction (mechanical expert, carrier, agent to make the purchase on behalf of the buyer).  If the buyer succeeds in tricking the seller by crediting the decided amount into the seller’s account, it is very much likely for the scammer to ask the seller to pay a false amount for the aforementioned services by cash transfer. The recipient of the payment is actually an accomplice, or an individual impersonating a buyer.  And that is why it is very important as a seller to only accept checks that have the right amount mentioned on it.  The car should be delivered only after the bank has carried out its due diligence in verifying the transaction.  If there is a slightest element of doubt, immediately ask for a copy of the buyer’s identity card or passport, certified by the embassy or consulate.

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