Finnish winter holidays- not just Santa but much more!

non-studded tires

It is a well known fact, that Santa lives in the arctic region. The legend has it that Santa rides his sledge with reindeer and comes from the northernmost point of the earth. Did you ever wonder, which place would he come from? Every tried to locate this place on the globe of earth? It is Rovaniemi, the capital city of Finnish Lapland. It is world renowned for Santa’s original place and numerous activities related to him. Apart from this, it is a small, energetic city packed with many cultural and family oriented activities. What makes it so special apart from Santa’s Home, is the pristine wilderness of Alps and northern lights. Taking a winter tour when temperatures are dipping way below Zero and snow making everything appear only in the shades of grey is very much worth every effort of it. Fix your winter tires for extra protection and get set go! These studded or non-studded tires will add extra grip on slippery snowy surface and will make driving safer.

Here is what you could look forward to while you are planning the Finnish holidays:

Ranua Wildlife Park Zoo houses over 50 species and 200 animals, merrily living in the dense conifer forest of north. This is a natural habitat for them. These include polar and brown bears, lynxes, wolves, wolverine, foxes, numerous birds of prey, and musk ox just to name few.

Ice floating while viewing northern lights- Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi is another fascinating and fantastic attraction! Some resorts offer suits that help you stay warm and afloat in icy cold lake water while viewing beautiful northern lights on a clear night. Dancing northern lights will allow your mind wonder and wander freely to enjoy the peace at last. This is one of a kind experience to have once in life.

Snowmobiling and campfire is another favourite evening activity. Enjoying nature and snow covered landscapes in the evening twilight on brightly illuminated snowmobile is exciting and enthralling event. You also get to view northern lights if you are lucky enough. The resorts that provide you snowmobile can also arrange for campfire and dinner. While the guide builds a campfire you can listen to the local myths and facts about the Northern Lights. Then you can enjoy delicious Lappish delicacies prepared over the fire and observe the night skies above you.

You could enjoy a reindeer sledge ride, just like Santa, in his village and enjoy the myths and stories about him while taking ride or can also plan ice fishing. These activities are sure to help you build lasting memories with your loved ones.

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