Europe's charming Christmas markets

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With only days to Christmas, Europe is warming up to its winter and Christmas markets. There is nothing in the world like the traditional Christmas markets across Europe.  Everyday nearing Christmas, the scent of cookies, cinnamon spice perfume, gingerbread, roasted chestnuts, and never to forget the mulled wine fills many market places across Europe. All of it is to welcome the guests worldwide to enjoy the best of Europe during Christmas.


Winter markets of Europe date back to the Middle Ages when many parts of it used to stock up seasonal foods for the winter ahead. With global travel made easy, their popularity has skyrocketed over the years, and these spectacular markets are the favorite of tourists from far off places. It starts from the end of November and peaks during the Christmas and New Year, every year in Europe.  Apart from the scenic European winter and fantastic shopping facilities, it is also an experienced cultural dating back to centuries. It is a tour of 13th-century cities, snow-capped cathedrals, and all kinds of food and traditional things on the display windows of these winter markets.


European winter markets are in some of the world's most significant countries like Germany, France to Switzerland to spectacular lesser-known destinations in Estonia and Austria. The list below will enable will let anyone travel in their vehicles fixed with winter tires and non-studded tires to enjoy and explore during this winter, the heaven on earth, Europe.

Cologne Christmas markets

It is the right time now to visit Cologne in Germany for the best Christmas markets in the world. From the cathedral, harbor, Market of Angels, Stadtgarten, and Heinzelsy and many more will confuse anyone where to go for next.  Entertainment is at its best in Cologne Cathedral open from November 25 up to December 23.  It is on the backdrop of the Cologne's famous cathedral, where the wooden walls draped in twinkling lights around the most massive Christmas tree in the Rhineland. Musical performances for the adults and traditional carousel for the kids will make the trip remembered for a long time down the memory lane.

Tallinn Christmas Market

The oldest Christmas tree displayed from 1441 is the highlight of the Tallinn Christmas market in the Estonian capital.  The Santa Claus arriving on the reindeer pulled sleigh near the Town Hall, will excite the children, which is not possible to explain with words.  Open from November 15 to January 7, voted as the best Christmas market of 2019 by the European Best Destinations. 

Prague Christmas Markets

Open from November 30 to January 6, Prague Christmas markets offer the twin joy of the  Old Town and Wenceslas Square markets only a few minutes apart.  The background of Gothic architecture and the mulled wine stalls will make anyone happy. A big stomach is needed to fill the best-barbecued pork, and a hot pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar or the famous gingerbread. 

Enjoy coming Christmas in Europe best winter market destinations by traveling safely in your vehicles fixed with winter tires and non-studded tires.
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